Bad Eyesight Threatens Your Car Insurance Cover

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Eyesight Threatens Your Car Insurance Cover

If you have an accident and found it had failed, the car is running in the state as to keep excessive tire wear, and was a key factor in the accident, your business' insurance will pay refuse likely. And the police can show an interest ! completely logical that many of you say. But what if you are a non-functioning state?

How many accidents on the road accompanied by the words: "I have not seen the other vehicle What happens if the problem was his vision deteriorated to a dangerous level?

Now we all know when we have a clear vision problem, but to help visually in every street. Remember, if you need contact lenses or glasses to drive, you and your vision deteriorates, you must get a new prescription. It is the legal responsibility for all drivers to ensure they are fit to drive.

Last week, developed along a main road driver who clearly having trouble reading the signs of the association. He was trying to forward inclined, read the signs of Leeds and rolling forward at 10 mph - all had at a traffic light at this time is red - and it is clear that he is not seen that one! It was fortunate that cars on the right saw him at first. I'm not even sure he even saw!

The law is very simple - requiring each licensee can not reach the minimum level of sight should not drive a car. They are also obliged to hand over his license.

The proof of the notice states that the driver is able to be a number plate with letters and numbers read 50 mm wide and 79 mm are high (which is a legal code) at a distance of 20 meters. But you can ride your glasses.

That means there is no legal requirement that you be tested for hearing, but you are obliged to tell DVLA if you have a medical problem that has affected your ability to drive. If you do not want to say is a criminal offense.

In some U.S. states, drivers need an eye examination every five years, but not in the United Kingdom. Here are the pilots of 70 years or older must have a medical form every three years confirming their fitness to drive and the definition of "fitness" includes the hearing. If the argument can not send the drivers for your medical records will lose their license. (I wonder what that elderly gentleman in the light, his did he say?)

In the area of insurance, if you are involved in an accident where his refractive error was a factor, your policy also argue that they were negligent and refuse to pay. This could be just because he needed glasses to drive, but not wearing at the time.

So drive carefully and keep your eyes open - follow the old gentleman please Leeds!

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